Academician C.S. Nicolăescu-Plopşor founded the library by gaining a solid donation from the Romanian Academy Library. Its organization is a peculiar one being destined in order to sustain the activity of ICSU researchers, bt not only for them. There also exists an alphabetical index for books and periodicals and an electronical domain, but only internally available.
The variety of the ICSU library book stock, counting 71 000 tomes, 466 patrimony books and approximately 500 books with autohraphic worth. Periodicals count 90000 inventory units.
The intrinsic value of the book stock is very important because it was constituted with copies from the duplicates book stock belonging to the Romanian Academy Library. Moreover, the library possesses a multitude of important prints acquired by external acquirements and by international sharing with the reviews of ICSU.

Contact: Cristina BITICĂ  librarian ([email protected])