7/ 2006

“C.S.Nicolăescu-Plopşor” Institute for Studies in Social Sciences and Humanities
No. 7-2006

In honorem Gheorghe Popilian at 80 years (SIMONA LAZĂR) p. 5

Simona Lazăr, Research pattern in the humanities and the interdisciplinary of new themes in the archaeological research p. 11
Veniamin Micle, The ascendants of Micle family p. 17
Ileana Cioarec, The religious foundations of the Glogoveni boyars from Glogova and Cerneţi p. 33
Georgeta Ghionea, The battle from Drăgăşani (the 7th June 1821) in images p. 39
Angela Ramona Dumitru, The urban politics of the prince of Valachia Barbu Dimitrie Ştirbei (1849-1856) p. 45
Constantin Mihai, The relationships between the intellectual elites and the Church during the Romanian interwar period: the Pascal issue (1928-1929) p. 55
Şerban Pătraşcu, The Romanians fade from Bessarabia and the north of Bucovina, refugies in Oltenia (1944) p. 65
Narcisa Mitu, The collectivization between 1953-1956 p. 71
Silviu-Gabriel Lohon, “The art of being the left”. Representations of Ceauşescu’s communism in the Romanian homage plastic p. 77

Tudor Nedelcea, Eminescu and the real-Semitism (I) – Prolegomena p. 85
Elena Camelia Zăbavă, New anthroponomical forms and phenomena in the village p. 97
Iustina Burci, Names of professions. Documentary attestations in the first half of the XVIIth century p. 103
Maria Tronea, Cervantes, the modernity of the writing p. 115

Anca Ceauşescu, Aspects regarding the traditional cultivation of plants in the Câmpia of Baileşti people p. 119
Gabriela Boangiu, Collective memory and folkloric readjustments in the village Arefu from the county of Argeş p. 125

Ion Militaru, Heidegger and the phantom of Dasein in the public space p. 133
Adriana Neacşu, Primary attitudes toward the other in Sartre’s ontology p. 143
Ileana Roman, Actual demographic phenomena and process p. 153
Rodica Ţugui, The phenomenon “Hiv/Sida”: knowledge level, perceptions and attitudes p. 167
Ionel Buşe, Constantin Noica and the European cultural pattern p. 185

Cezar Avram, Roxana Radu, The evolution of the pension system in Romania p. 195
Mioara Neamţu, Considerations concerning the establishment and the pșment of salaries p. 209
Anişoara Băbălău, The elaboration and the approval of the general budget on national and European level p. 219

Loredana Maria Ilin, Special aspects regarding the procedure of the previous complaint p. 227
Costache Gheorghe, Legislative and structural modifications adopted by Romania during the aderation process at UE p. 233
Radu Riza, Cristina Otovescu, Administrative contract with procedures and difficulties for the contractual method p. 239
Nicolae Grădinaru, The control of the constitutionality of laws through the public opinion p. 243

Oana Andreia Sâmbrian, The relations of the Romanian Principalities with Spain during the rule of Charles V p. 251
Mihaela Popescu, The influence of the neologisms of French origin in the Romanian during the XVIII and XIX centuries p. 255
Marin Toma, The legend of the mysterious Islands p. 261
Nicoliţa Dinu, The historic of Popânzăleşti Monastery p. 265
Nicolae Boroiu, The culture of values: memory and oblivion in the recent society (the case ot the archimandrite Veniamin Micle) p. 269
Gheorghe Dănişor, The metaphysic of freedom, Piteşti, Editura Paralela 45, 2006, 230p. (prof. Ion Dogaru) p. 272
Michel Maffesoli, The part of Devil. Treatise of postmodern subversion, Paris, Flammarion, 2004, 252p. (Constantin Mihai) p. 273
“Limba română”, no.4-6/2006, XVI, Chişinău, 336p. (Iustina Burci) p. 275
“Caiete de antropologie istorică”, IV, no.1 (7) ianuarie-iunie 2005, 467p. (Nicolae Mihai) p. 276