Politics. Diplomacy. Culture.

Biblioteca JudeE�eana a�zAlexandru E�i Aristia Amana�? organizeazA? A�n perioada 10-13 iunie 2015 cea de-a doua ediE�ie a ConferinE�ei InternaE�ionaleA� a�zPolitics. Diplomacy. Culturea�?.


  • Academia RomA?nA? – Institutul de CercetA?ri Socio-Umane a�zCS NicolA?escu-PlopE�ora�?
  • Academia oamenilor de E�tiinE�A?
  • Universitatea din Craiova – Departamentul de E?tiinE�e Sociale (Facultatea de Drept E�i E?tiinE�e Sociale)

PROGRAM – draft

afis A3_conf_eng (1)

May 9 – Europe Day, 7 mai 2015

Departamentul de E?tiinE�e Sociale al FacultA?E�ii de Drept E�i E?tiinE�e Sociale A�n Parteneriat cu Institutul de CercetA?ri Socio-Umane a�zCS NicolA?escu-PlopE�ora�? E�i Centrul de Studii Politice Post-Comuniste (CEPOS) organizeazA? la data de 7 mai 2015, la sala 444 A�n incinta UniversitA?E�ii din Craiova, Prima ConferinE�A? InternaE�ionalA? dedicatA? zilei de 9 mai, ziua Uniunii Europene, intitulatA? May 9 – Europe Day.

AZn cadrul evenimentului vor conferenE�ia cadre didactice ale Departamentului de E?tiinE�e Sociale E�i cercetA?tori ai Institutului de CercetA?ri Socio-Umane a�zCS NicolA?escu-PlopE�ora�?.

AZn cadrul ConferinE�ei este organizatA? E�i o sesiune de postere, Expo Poster Seesion, realizatA? de studenE�ii anului II Master – Securitate naE�ionalA? E�i euroatlanticA?.

PROGRAM ConferinE�A? May 9 – Europe Day

Galerie foto, 7 mai 2015


Book & Review Launch, 24-25 April 2015, CEPOS

Institutul de CercetA?ri Socio-Umane a�zCS NicolA?escu-PlopE�ora�? este co-organizator A�n parteneriat cu Departamentul de E?tiinE�e Sociale, Facultatea de Drept E�i E?tiinE�e Sociale E�i Media Sud Craiova A�n panelul Book & Review Launch din cadrul ConferinE�ei InternaE�ionale organizatA? de Center of Post-Communist Political Studies (CEPOS), Fifth International Conference After Communism. East and West Under Scrutiny, desfA?E�uratA? A�n data de 24-25 April 2015, la Hotel Melissa din Craiova.

AZn cadrul Panelului vor avea loc lansA?ri de carte E�i reviste.

  • Launch of the Book: Cezar Avram, Roxana Radu, Mihaela BA?rbieru, The Collectivization Process in Communist Romania, Lambert Academic Publishing, Saarbrucken, Germany, 2014.
  • Launch of the Book: Sorin Damean, Dan Claudiu DA?niE�or, Mihai GhiE�ulescu, Alexandru OE�ca, EvoluE�ia InstituE�iilor Politice ale Statului RomA?n din 1859 pA?nA? astA?zi, TA?rgoviE�te, Editura Cetatea de Scaun, 2014.
  • Launch of the Book: Loredana-Maria Ilin-Grozoiu, Concepte, credinA?e AYi tradiA?ii privind nemurirea sufletului AYi cultul morA?ilor, Craiova, Editura Universitaria, BucureAYti, Editura Pro Universitaria, 2014.
  • Launch of issue 45/ 2015, Revista de Stiinte Politice. Revue des Sciences Politiques.
  • Launch of issue 1/ 2015, Student Journal Agora Alumni (Department of Social Sciences, Faculty of Law and Social Sciences).
  • Launch of issue Year XX, No. 1 (27)/ 2015 of the Annals of the University of Craiova. History.


Galerie foto. 24-25 aprilie 2015



BisericA?, culturA? E�i societate A�n secolele XVI-XVII (al VI-lea colocviu internaE�ional al Secolului de Aur), 4-5 mai 2015, VoroneA?

AZn perioada 4-5 mai 2015, Institutul de CercetA?ri Socio-Umane a�zC.S. NicolA?escu-PlopE�ora�? al Academiei RomA?ne, din Craiova, organizeazA?, la mA?nA?stirea VoroneE�, congresul internaE�ional a�?BisericA?, culturA? E�i societate A�n secolele XVI-XVII (al VI-lea colocviu internaE�ional al Secolului de Aur)a�?.
Limbile congresului sunt spaniola, engleza E�i franceza.
  • Grupul de CercetA?ri Secolul de Aur (GRISO, Universitatea din Navarra)
  • Institutul de Studii Hispanice A�n Epoca ModernA? (Insulele Baleare)
  • Echipa de cercetare BITAE (Universitatea La Rioja).

Galerie foto.


Cultura popularA? A�n RomA?nia, 13-15 noiembrie 2014, Craiova

Colocviul naA?ional Cultura popularA? A�n RomA?nia. Context istoric AYi specific cultural, organizat de Muzeul Olteniei, SecA?ia de Etnografie, A�n colaborare cu Academia RomA?nA?, Institutul de CercetA?ri Socio-Umane A�C.S.NicolA?escu-PlopAYorA�, Craiova, Casa BA?niei, 13-15 noiembrie 2014, 22 de participanA?i din BucureAYti, ChiAYinA?u, Cluj-Napoca, Craiova AYi Sibiu.


Afis lansare Nevoia de miracol de Mirel Banica la Craiova afis


Galerie foto. Aspecte din timpul manifestA?rii desfA?E�urate A�n incinta Casei BA?niei


„Don’t let a nice get away turn into a get locked away

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Sex is annihilation, and all too brief

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Glory meets East (Kevin Isola)

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Wait for it to finish downloading before you open the playlist

tarsands waste reservior approval illegal

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We have set out our position and it is now the EU’s turn to

„We wanted to draw on the many talents we know exist in our community but we never get to see. We are hoping the winning artist will be featured at the event and will sign autographed copies of the submission for those who attend. This is a way to showcase the hosting community’s people and culture and talents.

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canada goose coats You want a sex scandal, the Republican party, baby, that’s where you canada goose outlet store near me go.4. He also showed that he actually doesn’t understand the concept of sexual harassment at all.According to MediaMatters, on an episode of „Hannity” in February 2010, Carlson defended an ESPN analyst who had been suspended for making sexist comments about a woman’s clothes on air.Because the sexist comments were made publicly, Carlson explained that the analyst had done done nothing wrong because: „Sexual harassment by definition takes place in private.”5. He blamed women for sexism in politics.On a 2007 episode of his MSNBC show „Tucker,” Carlson questioned the idea that woman have it harder in politics, citing the fact https://www.canadagooseoutlete.com/ that „most voters are women.”He asked: „If women were canada goose outlet online uk so anxious to have women in Congress, and there were so many great female candidates running, then why wouldn’t Congress be 52 percent female?”Welcome to internalized misogyny and structural sexism, Tucker.6. canada goose coats

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